Webmaster Resources

Website Dev, Design & Best Web Practices

Google Developers Web Fundamentals

A great webmaster resource with information on the standard fundamentals of website design and development.

Free Webmaster & SEO Tools

Digitalpoint has been around for many a billion websites. Here is an awesome webmaster resource list of various online web development tools.

Why 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design

Responsive website design is not only a trend. Since 2014 it’s clearly becoming the new visual standard for all types of web development projects.

Cell Phone SEO?

Here are 3 reasons why responsive web design is the effective method of development for all types of viewers, especially mobile website viewers. This rule also applies to iPad’s and tablet PC’s.

Submit Your Design Company

If you do any website development for clients in your local area Sortfolio will promote a listing your company most elegantly.

“Website examples” Google’d

Googling examples on images.google.com is great way to keep fresh in any field. In this case you don’t want your web designs going stale, so always keep an eye on the most popular web design styles and layouts.

Awwwards WWW Awards

A webmaster awards recognition website with some amazing website design examples, that display innovative new design ideas and other legendary uses of current web development technology.

Inspiring Website Design Examples

To be inspired or not to be inspired. Either way these are some great examples of modern website designs, graphics, layouts, styling, etc.

2014 Trends – Best Practices For Top Web Design Trends For 2014

Another first hand peek at innovative webmaster trends and techniques for the wide world of web design in 2014.

The Webby’s Website Design and Amazing Achievements

An astonishing collection of next generation website design achievements in all fields of web development.

Great Portfolio Example

A very cool Website Portfolio example to tease your fancy, or spark your imagination. Webmasters will appreciate the inventive, simple, yet entirely unique functionality.

18 pivotal web design trends for 2014

A list of web design specifics to keep in mind as we pass through another mind-bending year of website development progression.

Best Practices for Modern Website Navigation

Navigation is extremely important when it comes to a website’s usability / how friendly it is to browse for all visitors. Here’s a list of great common practices for website nav.

Digital Design & User Experience Best Practices

More great modern design practices as well as methods to ensure an optimized website user experience.

Webmaster Optimization Resources

Google Pagespeed Tools

A wonderful recent addition to Google’s massive webmaster tool resource bank.

Adobe Color Wheel

An amazing color concept tool for webmasters or graphic designers to come up with the ultimate color schemes.

W3 Techs WWW Statistics

This cool webmaster resource presents nearly any kind of website server, hosting, software, script, cms, and webmaster statistics imaginable.

Responsive vs Adaptive Website Design

A great article on responsive and adaptive web development, the differences, the similarities, and why to use these web development techniques on your websites.