Video Production Resources

Best Web Embed Video Practices

WebM Project

Google Webmaster Fundamentals suggests using the .webM format to embed video to a website. The WebM Project is “dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web.”. Give it a shot!

Screen Capture Software

Free Online Screen Capture Tool

A very cool online tool designed to help users capture video and audio directly from the current computer without downloading a thing.

Free Online Video Converter +

An awesome online toolset website to convert video and/or audio into any format, use a video editor to cut clips, cut audio files, record video and record audio.

Video Camera Reviews & Recommendations

Ask the Google Genie

It’s always nice to see the greatest video technology of the moment. Behold the camera technology as it continues to amaze the world.

Best 2014 Video Camera’s

An excellent comparison listing of the top 10 video camera’s of the year. Probably one of the most detailed video camera reports available for quality review.

Many Cam

This streaming online video website lets you embed live video into your own website. It’s a great webmaster video tool, and it’s free!

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